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The objective of this doctoral research is to design task-learning policies (TLPs) for a robotic system that targets the exchange of task rules between humans and robots. This objective is achieved through a turn-taking application during a human-robot interaction where the two partners learn a task from each other and accomplish a shared goal. As a first step, a method to model human action primitives using a pattern-recognition technique is presented. Next, algorithms are developed to generate turn-taking strategies in response to human task behaviors.  The main idea is to build a knowledge database that stores learned task cases, and to retrieve and adapt those experiences when similar tasks emerge. The contributions also include modeling TLP, deploying a physically embodied agent, and developing evaluation platforms.

Human Task Behavior Modeling:

Case-based Turn-Taking Strategy:

Task-Learning Policies for Turn Taking in Human-Robot Interaction

Lead Engineers: Hae Won Park & Ayanna Howard

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